A night in a laundry room.

My internship let the time runs faster than ever.
Meeting people is only possible by night.
(We chose the laundry room, because it was dark outside. Hehe :) )
I need my hair cut and so I met the art student Linnéa.
The deal:
I got my hair cut for a little photo session.
She is gorgeous with scissors. She got her hair cut too :)
photographed by Linnéa Schwarz and me
color correction me

Sporty, rainy, girly!

The autumn starts. 
Every year the same, but this year will be the first with a yellow raincoat protection. 
I couldn´t imagine a better help to fight the rain and grey sky.
Mustard yellow and every shade of blue will be combined every rainy day.

As you will have noticed, it is another session with Ben and Basti. 
We love to play with those abandoned rooms and diffrent outfits. 
Of course, I wear this outfit on the street a lot. Cosy and sporty to have fun outsite.
First pout on my blog :)
photographed by Bastian Bischoff and Ben Prentki
styling, acting, outfit, color correction me

A surprising visitor.

What a day!
A good friend came by. Nice surprice
It was so nice to make a long walk with him through my new city.
It was nice, because it made me aware that Munich was the right decision for me,  
but I miss my friends so much! His visit makes me want to wear an absolute happy outfit.  
When you shoot with an architect
you should know that bulidings are as much import for him as your outfit. :)
Say hi to Sven! In a bavarian outfit. Why didn´t he take it?
A smiling and bleeding heart. 
photographed by Sven Abe Tjalma
styling, acting, outfit, location, color correction me

My creepiest outfit post ever.

It is a post of celebtrating my favourit combo again and again :)
Blue, white and red.
It is inside of the hopitals kitchen. Twenty years out of use.
You may have noticed that Bastian and Ben have this creepy passion for damaged locations.
But to made shotings and enjoing the day with them
 is really one thing that bulid my university city memories for life.
Guys I will allways miss you!
Wearing simple color combinations is my new passion :)
photographed by Bastian Bischoff and Ben Prentki
styling, acting, outfit, color correction me

Sometimes a gal needs feminine time.

I moved to munich a week ago, those pictures was shot in a village called munich near my old hometown.
My two lovely photographer let me wait a long time, but I love them so it is ok. 
Let´s join a little summer time :)
You may have noticed that my style turned into a modern vintage mix. 
wearing: a c/o pepaloves blouse, AA denim Mary Janes, vintage glasses bag necklace and skirt
photographed by Bastian Bischoff and Ben Prentki
styling, acting, outfit, color correction me

Meeting Irena.

A meeting of Irena and me was long overdue. We are now swapping more than two years.
Only online, so we never met.
She lives in Munich, so we had to met finally.
She took my to a huge weekly fleamarket. On the left my finds and the right hers.
Irena wears: all vintage, except the shoes Vagabond
I found the umbrella for only two bugs, but I had to gave it to her. I matches her outfit perfectly.
What I wear: all vintage, except socks and shoes AA
photographed by Irena und me, color correction me